"Stephanie Misa produces a video installation titled ‘Pimp My Papaya’ where she approaches skin bleaching products, that are specially popular in the Philippines, as a heritage of colonialism in the body, rhyming it along the lyrics “cos color is so over and colonial-white rulz/ I wanna be pretty, I wanna be a me /that’s privileged and fair-skinned/and bleached as can be.” (from Anti*Colonial Fantasies)

It was exhibited at the Anti*Colonial Fantasies / Decolonial Strategies project, that involved artists from different diasporas– and the imagination of alternative realities. This took place at Friday EXIT on 20-28 of May 2016, and included an art exhibition as well as performances, workshops and talks by decolonial thinkers.

It was also exhibited in 8-29 July 2016 at the SWZD show Exquisite Corpse with Sherine Anis.

Watch the video here.

documentation photos by: Ana Loureiro Fernandes and Flora Scheibenbauer
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