Archipelago Mountain

FÜNFZIGZWANZIG, Residenzplatz 10, 2.OG, 5020 Salzburg, 27 July- 9 September 2017

Curated by Ana de Almeida & Stephanie Misa

This is a project about landscape as formal and informal disposition of elements. Coordinates.
An arrangement, a hierarchy: borders and de-limitations, transpositions and transgressions,
frames and their inside-outside, margins, and of course landscape—of the geographical, political,
personal, and emotional nature.

Edouard Glissant’s Traité du Tout-Monde. (Poétique IV), calls it archipelagic thinking,
a group of islands that lends its topography to an alternative imaginary:
a reassessment of the insularity of bound cultures, of nation-states, and the heaviness
of “continental thought”. The archipelago is an alternative imaginary, one that posits that
identity could be as a conglomeration of islands (composed of many, yet is one).

Oh these little earthquakes, here we go again, these little earthquakes.
Doesn’t take much to rip us into pieces.

(Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes)

Identity formation, embodiment, complex colonial histories, evolution, interconnectedness,
diaspora and change— Oh to dispell the oppressive idea of nationalistic wholeness!
This is a project about landscape.

Meriç Algün (TK/SWE), Ana de Almeida (PT/AT), Martha Atienza (PH/NL),
Ann Böttcher (SWE), Amy Croft (UK), Sara Deraedt (BE), Isidora Krstic (SRB/AT)
& Stephanie Misa (PH/ AT)

Photos: 5020/Rauchenbichler
Untitled (Yellow) 2017
Ana de Almeida/ Stephanie Misa
Archipelago Mountain
Exhibition View
grey sky blue
Amy Croft, 2013, HD video
Light Strikes the Surface & Fizzles
Amy Croft, 2013, aquatint
The Guerrilla is like a Poet
Martha Atienza, 2015, video
Der Umgang mit Mutter Grün
Ann Böttcher, 2008 (collage)
Archipelago Mountain
Exhibition View
Fernweh III
Isidora Krstic, 2017 (Installation)
Untitled (Yellow) 2017
Ana de Almeida / Stephanie Misa
Untitled (Yellow) 2017
Ana de Almeida / Stephanie Misa
Untitled (Yellow), Audio Guide
Ana de Almeida/ Stephanie Msia
Archipelago Mountain
Exhibition View
Concise Book of Visa Applications
Meriç Algün, 2009, Installation
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