Archipelago Mountain
FÜNFZIGZWANZIG, Residenzplatz 10, 2.OG, 5020 Salzburg, 27 Juli- 9 September
Ana de Almeida & Stephanie Misa

Untitled (Yellow) is an artistic collaboration between Ana de Almeida and Stephanie Misa for the Archipelago Mountain exhibition. This installation is composed of two yellow walls and six groups of elements/objects, and is the result of a correspondence process between the two artists and reflections upon the construction of memory and identity where shared and acts of transmission and displacement of landscape materialize.

The installation is composed of two posters (digital print on paper); one slide show (on loop on a Kodak slide projector), one photo (digital colour photo printed on photo paper), three collections of stones and beach wood, two folders with photographs and letters, and an audio playlist (headphones, MP3 player and printed text).
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