Stephanie Misa for Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory at Parallel Vienna 2019.

Micro, to understand human choices 
of resource allocation and backroom dealing 
schmoozes— bottoms- up!

Macro and its industry of top-down 
convertibles driving down palm-lined highways
making you a star.

What stimulates economic growth? 
A supply, and a demand. Not a request or a kind ask,
not an influencer trading on likes.
Co-dependent, co-habitating, copulation 
an equilibrium is needed.

Kronjot II Materials: Japanese chestnut wooden plank: width x height x depth W280 x H3 x D30 cm, wire baskets: W 41.5 cm x H38.5 cm x D31 cm, metal triangle: W50 x H52 x D30 cm

Egg Bench Materials: MDF Black plank, W280 x H3 x D30 cm, metal triangle legs: W50 x H52 x D30 cm

One Hundred Sixteen in collaboration with Klemens Waldhuber: terrazzo eggs (plaster)

One Hundred Sixteen Catalogue (232 pages, 10,5 × 14,8cm)

Photo Credits: Claudia Sandoval Romero & Stephanie Misa
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