Fluc Wanne
Praterstern Wien, 1020
31 March 2010

Amy Croft
Rosina Huth
Stephanie Misa
Katarzyna Winiecka

BAND is a four piece international outfit from England, Germany, Poland and the Philippines. Our interdisciplinary approach came together in March 2010 through an interest in the forms of collectivity and how they are displayed. We looked at a range of collectives, from art, design and architecture to community groups and specifically explored the potential in a pop cultural analogy: music bands. As a group we generated a specific research and working method which takes into account current debates around display and critical exhibition making. We look at how form and content in an artistic practice can relate to each other.

BAND's first gig was a live show at the FLUC Wanne in Vienna. See BAND's press release for the show here. Listen to our FM4 interview here.

Artist and BAND Manager, Martin Beck, writes about BAND in "The Band Members and the Band".

Photos: Julia Fuchs / BAND
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