KRONJOT is a sculpture series made of local materials as it travels with the show BEHIND THE TERRAIN.

The sculpture explores an appropriated re-appropriation of the saddle bag into the Javanese Kronjot and links it to the reconfiguration of products for the consumerist market—especially within Indonesia’s large furniture-making industry— stripped of purpose but pumped with style.

Kronjot I is made of steel, aluminium pipes, and javanese teakwood. and was made for the exhibition BEHIND THE TERRAIN in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, Studio Kalahan, 22. November - 8. December 2016
Photos: Fajar Riyanto/ Stephanie Misa

Kronjot II was made on-site, in Tokyo, with material found and scouted within the city: steel, wire baskets, japanese chestnut wood. BEHIND THE TERRAIN was also exhibited at the Koganei Art Spot, Tokyo Japan, 12. May - 27. May 2018

Photos: Ran Kokubun
Kronjot II, 2018
Tokyo, Japan
Kronjot I, 2016
Jogjakarta, Indonesia
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