An Altar for Unnamed Grief, 2023

Giveaway/Hideaway for FdR (Fest der Regionen, 2023) curated by Antoine Turillon and Seth Weiner

Artists: Antoine Turillon, Seth Weiner, Brishty Alam, Abdul Sharif Oluwafemi Baruwa, Flo Karl Berger, Marc Alexandre Dumoulin, Baptiste El Baz, Julia S. Goodman, Edgar Lessig, Morusiewicz / Maggessi, Stephanie Misa, Johanna Tinzl, Rosabel Rosalind & Anna Weberberger

"Using the train station in Lungitz as a central point, we started the project by looking for a clear gesture: An image or frame that would open up questions about how violence and trauma are both hidden and given away in the immediate setting of the Lungitz Bahnhof / Gusen III Concentration Camp. We asked if we could silence the building by covering all of the windows except for a single view to where the camp had been. We also asked a group of artists to join us in making objects and experiences to give away and local experts on the Holocaust to hold tours, to collectively explore how multiple directions of time and identity can come into contact with residents and travelers." --Seth Weiner

photos by Jürgen Grünwald & Antoine Turillon
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