Drawing from research, historical documents and archives, A Colony of A Colony traces the beginnings of a narrative of immigration and cultural exchange between the Philippines and Mexico during the height of the Spanish Empire and the Manila Galleon Trade. Many of these interactions tend to fall under the general category of “Hispanization”, versus an acknowledgment of distinct pre-Spanish origins that not only survived colonization but translocated. The project proposes alternative histories by intervening in archives to reveal their inconsistencies and represents these in critical and poetic installations

A Colony of A Colony was installed in three different exhibits and with different variations in 2011. In Vienna Zocalo: Critical Crafting as a Postcolonial Strategy in Galería de la Biblioteca Carlos Fuentes Xalapa, Mexico 14-21 May 2011 and at the Year-End Show Royal Institute of the Art Stockholm (KKH), Flaggmansvägen 1 111 49 Stockholm, June 2011.
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