November 22- December 8, 2016
Behind the Terrain: sketches on imaginative landscape

Studio Kalahan Jalan Patukan 50, RT 1 RW 20,
Ambarketawang, Gamping, Sleman, 55294 Yogyakarta City, Indonesia

Curated by Mika Maruyama & Stephanie Misa

Artists: Martha Atienza, Veronika Burger, Ishu Han, Ran Kokubun, mamoru, Maryanto,
Ta Minh Duc, Stephanie Misa, Linh Phuong Nguyen, Elia Nurvista , Agni Saraswati

Behind the Terrain is a traveling exhibition currently in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
It will be in Hanoi at the Nha San Collective in March 2017.

November 10/11 2016
All continues and nothing collapses a duo show with Veronika Burger at SEWON ART SPACE

September- November 2016
Currently in an Artist-in-Residency at SEWON ART SPACE, Yogyakarta Indonesia

September 20-25, 2016

Aus­stel­lung SKULP­TUR-PAR­COURS (E.1)
ku­ra­tiert von Amer Ab­bas und Ste­fan Bid­ner

She­ri­ne Anis, Jo­an­nis Av­ra­mi­dis, Tho­mas Bau­mann, Andy Boot,
Cä­ci­lia Brown?, Bru­no Gi­ron­co­li, Mi­cha­el Gum­hold, Ka­thi Ho­fer?,
Tho­mas Feu­er­stein, Ka­rin Frank?, Mar­tin Gran­dits, Begi Gug­gen­heim,
Lui­sa Ka­sali­cky, Mi­cha­el Kien­zer, Ge­or­ge Ku­b­la?, So­nia Lei­mer?, Ani­ta Leisz,
Lone Hau­gaard Mad­sen, Ste­pha­nie Misa, Ru­dolf Polan­sz­ky?, Pe­ter Sand­bich­ler,
Hans Scha­bus?, Toni Schma­le, Franz West, Er­win Wurm?, Wal­ter Vo­po­va,
Lau­ra Yui­le, Hei­mo Zo­ber­nig.

July 8- 29, 2016

SWDZ/ Offspace Galerie
Gärtnergasse 14, 1030 Wien

Sherine Anis & Stephanie Misa
Vernissage: 8 July 2016, from 7.00pm

She took off like a bat out of hell.
Skid marks and dust left in her wake
swirling in a sudden vacuum.

They were sitting on the balcony, thinking of what causes what.
Air fresh, the hum of the machines suddenly still. She felt the breeze
on her naked legs, looking up at the sky with its reddish lilac blueish light.
A spot a black spot started to move and suddenly it flew
a bird that flew jerkily and interrupted her thoughts.

You stopped inhaling.

June 7- August 31, 2016

VBKÖ / Maysedergasse 2, 1010 Vienna

In Didto’s Amoa we invite diasporic artists to interrogate this state of imaginative
and ideological gesture of return. We seek to gather artists who occupy this state of “faraway-ness”
in its multiple forms. Through this exhibit, we seek to generate the kind of conversation that will be
critical and imaginative in its examination of possibilities (and perhaps) impossibilities of this attempt
to return. In this manner, we seek to extend our contemporary understanding of the diasporic
condition—taking into account the various ways in which we define and question our notions of home,
but also the many ways we respond to the need to define the places we call “home”, we consider our
own—didto sa amoa, there where we’re from.

Didto’s Amoa (Woher wir kommen) features works by Alyx Arumpac, Martha Atienza,
Enzo Camacho & Amy Lien, Jean Pierre Cueto, Eisa Jocson, Trinka Lat
and Jake Verzosa.

This exhibition is curated by Stephanie Misa and Lawrence Lacambra Ypil.

May 20-28, 2016


January 22-23, 2016

Kultur Gemma Showcase 22.01 @ 19:30 TQW/ Halle G
Eisa Jocson in "Host" 23.01 @19:30 TQW/ Halle G

An article on Der Standard on the KG, my work and the coming TQ show with Eisa.

January 24, 2016, 17:00
Konzeptuelle Kunst | Atelierhaus, 1. Stock, Atelier Süd
Vortrag von Eisa Jocson

Artist Talk is in English, Moderation in English and German.
Die zeitgenössische philippinische Tänzerin und Künstlerin Eisa Jocson entwickelte Macho Dancer (2013), eine Solo Performance, die auf ihrer Studie männlicher Macho
Tänzer beruht, eine spezielle Gruppe von Performern, die Manilas Gay Bar Szene frequentieren. Jocson absolvierte eine Ausbildung als bildende Künstlerin mit einem
Hintergrund in Ballett und untersucht Repräsentationen des Körpers, Gendervoreingenommenheit, Politiken der Verführung und die Konstitution philippinischer Identität.
Macho Dancing wird von jungen Männern in Nachtclubs sowohl für männliche als auch für weibliche KlientInnen vorgeführt. Macho Dancing, mit seinem speziellen
Vokabular an Bewegung und Physikalität, ist auf den Philippinen ein einzigartiges Phänomen mit einer ökonomisch getriebenen Sprache der Verführung, die
Männlichkeit als körperliches Kapital benutzt.

Moderation: Marissa Lôbo und Stephanie Misa

January 12-16, 2016 @ Pinacoteca
UNDER THE SUN with Julia Goodman and Martin Martinsen
Vernissage 12. 01 20:00
details on esel

The tropics in winter, a pineapple in the snow, a here and there collapsed into each other and now mojitos are the principal drink of the Wiener Pinacotekerball 2016.
There is no irony in the swirling of cocktail glasses, others say the drink was invented by enslaved Africans working in cuban sugar cane fields.
The name mojito coming from African word mojo, which means to place a little spell. Each mint stalk is gleaming in the twinkling light of a wonderland confection.

We can have this now, the exotic abundance of everything under the sun with a snap of our fingers. But, Mein Gott, what of those people who brought the drink?
They are so awkward, and yet here they are. For heaven’s sake you, you there, learn some manners!
We do not do that around here. We do not laugh out loud, or show our teeth, or slurp our soup, or wear color. We are gracious and cultured, so get in-step with your tutti-frutti tropicana hats and rolling Rrrrs.
It is a serious business we are doing, none of that funny stuff. The mahogany veneer emanates with the heat of an equatorial forest as with leather hides glistening on the floor,
and the ananas madeleines (so trés lecker), says our fine gentleman collector, are “ the tropics in the snow ”.

November 19, 2015- January 10, 2016
Xhibit Gallery Akademie der bildenden Künste, Schillerplatz 3 1010 Vienna

November 18 - 22, 2015 13:00-21:00
ARTmART for Vienna Art Week 2015
Vienna KuenstlerHaus, Karlsplatz 5 1010 Vienna

Das ist doch nicht der Markt! – oder doch? Werner Rodlauer, Art Magazine mention 18.11.15, ARTmART 2015

September 2015
The publication Public Art Vienna / Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien 07-10 is finally out! It includes my work "The Schrebergarten Untitled": get your copy here!

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